We design, build and deploy new business models and software for the newspaper industry. Make your publication more profitable.

Points Mentioned maps overview

Every article on your site now features a small map icon labeled “Where’s the Story”. The icon can be clicked to expand into an interactive map, which displays the locations mentioned in the article with blue pins.

Imagine a simple internet solution

Imagine a simple internet solution, that makes full use of your newspaper's content across multiple digital platforms, creating new revenue streams from all access digital subscriptions and display ad upgrades.

Overview of Web Ad Units

So, you want to advertise online, but don't know where to start or whats possible on your site. Luckily, Our-Hometown's web advertising platforms can handle just about any ad graphic you design. But to give you some direction, we recommend the following standard ad sizes.

Your Paper on Newspanel

Our-Hometown is proud to introduce our latest product for the iPad and tablet market, Newspanel.

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“Our Hometown generates us over $300,000 per year.”

—Bob Waitt, Greater Media Newspapers

“We added 5% to our regular annual 2% increase.”

—Joe Moss, Carroll County Comet

“Up selling the ads was a no-brainer”

—Gareth Charter, The Landmark